Why Does It Hurt So Bad is a song written for the Waiting to Exhale (Movie) / Waiting to Exhale (soundtrack). It is a R&B Ballard and it was produced and written by Babyface. Whitney at first did not want to participate in the Exhale Soundtrack but when it was stated that Babyface would participate; Whitney decided to join. The song was written for Whitney 2 years prior to the release of the movie. Whitney did not want to the record the song then, saying in a statement, "I wasn't really in the mood for singing about why it hurts so bad,". 2 years later Whitney stated that "Now, I'm ready to sing not only the joys of things, but the pains of things, also," Highlighting troubles with her husband Bobby Brown"

Performance(s) Edit

Whitney fully performed this song at the 1996 MTV Music Awards. She also used it in a medley for the My Love Is Your Love Tour
Whitney Houston- Why Does It Hurt So Bad (High Definition)

Whitney Houston- Why Does It Hurt So Bad (High Definition).mp4-0

1996 MTV Awards Performance

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