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For a documentation template you can use on your wiki, see w:c:templates:Template:Documentation (copy).

This is a version of Template:Documentation customized for Templates Wiki and so not designed to be copied to other wikis.

It acts identically to the usual Template:Documentation - and should be treated identically - except for a few particular cases.

  • content = should the template have just a short blurb for documentation and not need a new page for it.
  • sandbox = yes should the template have a /sandbox page.
  • testcases = yes should the template have a /testcases page.
  • If the template should transclude a documentation page other than its /doc subpage, use {{Documentation|documentation page}}.
    You may also use {{Documentation|content=documentation goes here}} to include documentation without a subpage at all.
  • If the template should be interlanguage linked but at a different name, use {{Documentation|ja=Japanese name|zh=Chinese name}}.
    You might instead create a redirect on the foreign-language wiki from the name used on this wiki to theirs (and then update the relevant template in #Maintenance).
    Interlanguage links to existing Japanese and Chinese pages are automatically inserted if their names are equivalent, in which case no parameter is needed.
  • SPW
    • SPW=is newer than - The template exists on FANDOM starter pages but has been upgraded.
    • SPW=is not relevant - The template (such as this one) are not relevant to wikis other than Templates Wiki.
    • The other possible relations to SPW - "is not on" and "is on" [and unchanged] are automatically inserted, in which cases no parameter is needed.
  • dep1=dep2=dep3=dep4= to name up to four dependency templates (include Template: prefix, no need to name /doc pages).