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"Step by Step" is a song written and originally recorded by singer Annie Lennox, later a cross over pop hit by R&B/pop singer Whitney Houston. The song served as the second single from Houston's 1996 soundtrack album, The Preacher's Wife. Lennox's recording originally appeared as the B-side to her 1992 single "Precious" Largely, Houston's version replaces Lennox's verses with new lyrics and omits portions from the bridge as well. Annie Lennox also provides background vocals in Houston's rendition.

Music Video

The video was coordinated by Paul Hunter and demonstrates  Houston wearing a dark colored raincoat and moving to the melody on a middle stage while different artists join her as the tune continues. Houston's recording is between cut with scenes of an adolescent focus, being reestablished by youths after a fire.

Live Performances

Whitney performed Step by Step on numerous tours such as: Pacific Rim Tour (1997), Classic Whitney - HBO Special (1997) The European Tour (1998), My Love Is Your Love World Tour (1999), Soul Divas Tour (2004) and for her Nothing but Love World Tour (2009–2010)

Whitney Houston Step By Step LIVE @ Classic Whitney HBO Special (1997)
Whitney Houston Step By Step LIVE @ Classic Whitney HBO Special (1997)
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